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One day of CPC training is 7 hours and is normally run over 8 hours to allow for breaks in the day. Some training school may offer 3.5 hours of training.

CPC Driver Training in Hampshire

What Is CPC Driver Training

Well, the (Driver CPC) know as Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. This is a qualification for lorry bus and coach drivers. This was brought in to keep drive up to date with any new changes to the law and with the aim to improve road safety and keep professional drivers to a high standard.

CPC driving is a part of professional driving; it includes a lorry, bus, or coach? It is training like long career education and it is necessary for all professional drivers. CPC certification is vital to drive legally and after CPC driver training Hampshire; you can drive with peace of mind. Both theory and practical tests are important. So if you pass both of the tests then you can easily gain your CPC license. It is essential to renew your driving card every five years. If you want to drive tipper trucks, bin lorry, bus, coach etc. then, it is must vital to be CPC certified because without certificate you cannot professionally drive.

Professional CPC Driving Training Course

CPC driving training is best for all those persons who want to become a professional driver. You can take top CPC driving training in Hampshire and which is given by the best CPC driving training at best price. We have well-trained trainers for CPC driving training and we hope that they will fulfill all your requirements. If you want drive on a dangerous road or safe road, then, they trained you according to you. Our expert driving trainers are present with a lot of high driving skills. They will train you best and as soon as possible. You need to finish one set of the training in every 5 years. If you want drive professionally, then, you have to take CPC driver training Hampshire.

Why Choose Our CPC Driving Training Hampshire

There are huge benefits of CPC driving certified.

Our trainer’s gives you best training and properly focus on your aim to be certified.

They know about the all rules for CPC driving certified and able to update and billing the changes in rules.

You can easily achieve your short period or long period goal in term to become successful.

You can receive and enjoy maximum amount of income and it makes your job easy in difficult job center.

Suppose if hiring is running for capable position as lorry transport driver then you will get a chance to move your life with great future and also if you are frustrated from your current job then want to move from that job then CPC driving course will help you because of it always in high demand.


CPC Driver Training in Hampshire

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There are Two Different Ways to Gain your Driver CPC.

The initial CPC is how to get your first 5 years of CPC qualification. If you don’t have grandfather rights meaning you passed your car test before January 1997. Then you will only have this option available to you. This mean as well as having to do the hazard perception, LGV Multiple choice and an hour and half practical driving assessment. You will me to do CPC model 2 (Case Studies) and CPC module 4 which you will be ask to explain and demonstrate the following

Driver CPC Hampshire

Driving Test


Theory Test


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Periodic training

All professional drives need to complete35 hours of periodic training within five years if they want to keep the DQC (Driver Qualification Card).
You are to at all restricted when you must do the training or what ordered to do the training in as long as you complete all 35 hours before your card runs out. For example:
You can do one day a year over five years that would allow you to complete 35 hours.
Or you can so 5 day in a 1-week period that would also give you 35 hours.

Periodic training

CPC Training

One day of CPC training is 7 hours and is normally run over 8 hours to allow for breaks in the day. Some training school may offer 3.5 hours of training when this is the case the other part of the 3.5 hours must be run with in a 24-hour period.
All driver CPC course must be approved by JAUPT
Once a training course has been approved the instructor must upload and attendance record to the DVSA and pay the admin fee.
You don’t need to wait for your card to expire before you start your training if you really wanted to you could do your initial CPC and then when your card come though the post you could then do you Periodic training at that would mean you were qualified for the next 10 years of CPC training. Your Card will not show ten years’ worth of CPC training on it but will automatically be renew to you home address before it expires mean you would be able to carry on working.
You will need to carry your DQC (Driver Qualification Card) on your person while you are driving for finical gain or you will run the risk of being fined if you a caught without it.
What do you need to bring with you?

Instructor CPC Hampshire

CPC Driver Training in Hampshire

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CPC Instructor Surrey

CPC Licence

You must bring a valid driving licence with you and have it all the time your card carrying out the taring failer to do this will me you cannot have your hours upload for your training.

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